Final workshop within the project “Development of a Decision Support System for Reducing Risk from Environment Pollution in the Bosna River"

Final workshop within the project Development of a Decision Support System for Reducing Risk from Environment Pollution in the Bosna Riverwas held in Doboj,on the premises of Hotel Integra on 1 April 2014.

 Project implementation started in 2011, and it will officially end in May 2014. Main project objective is to develop a Decision Support System (DSS). DSS allows identification of major risk related to environmental pollution in the basin and prioritization of relevant substances which are specific for the selected river basin. It also proposes technical solutions for the reduction of the pollution.

For the implementation of this project, the Bosna River basin was chosen as a pilot project area, since extremely high pollution pressures have been registered in previous projects.

For the purpose of achieving project objectives, modern sampling techniques and sophisticated quantitative and qualitative analytical techniques for the analysis of the priority substances in the Bosna River were applied during the period of past two years.

Results of the analysis have been elaborated by the experts of the Hydro-Engineering Institute from Sarajevo but under expert instructions provided by the Slovak Institute with an intention to achieve the planned project goals including the following:

  • Identification of the ecological and chemical status of the Bosna River and maximum allowed concentration of priority substances that can be discharged into the water course by polluters in accordance with the principles of the EU Framework Water Directive;
  • Preparation of the list of priority substances specific to the Bosna River water course that require monitoring;
  • Preparation of a proposal for the technical measures for the reduction of the pollutants, including economic analysis;
  • Development of an investment scenario for decision makers; and
  • Improvement of scientific collaboration between participant countries, Slovakia and BiH.

Results of the project activities were presented at the final workshop. The workshop was attended by the representatives from relevant institutions for water management and environmental protection of the Federation FbIH and the Republic of Srpska, industries, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders.

For the access to the introductory speech, presentations and photos taken during the workshop, please visit the following link: 


Introductory speech.pdf

1 General Introduction to the Project - Compatibility Mode.pdf

2 Hronologija projektnih aktivnosti - Compatibility Mode.pdf

3 Evaluation of the Ecological and Chemical status of the Bosna River - Compatibility Mode.pdf

4 Sediment Quality of the Bosna River.pdf

5 Zgadjivaci rijeke Bosne.pdf

6 The Role of the Passive Sampling.pdf

7 DSS Bosna River relevant supstances - Compatibility Mode.pdf

8 DSS Principles, technical solutions, cost evaluations, scenarios.pdf

9 Technical solution, cost evaluations, scenarious - Compatibility Mode.pdf



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Final workshop within the project “Development of a Decision Support System for Reducing Risk from Environment Pollution in the Bosna River"
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