Project objectives


Project objectives:

  • Establishment of “pollution baseline” in the Bosna River Basin
  • Identification of major polluters
  • Prioritisation (risk assessment) of most relevant “Bosna River Basin specific substances” and establishment of the Emission Limit Values for major polluters
  • Proposal for technical solutions for pollution reduction, including economic analysis
  • Development of investment scenarios for decision-makers
  • Improvement of the scientific collaboration between the participating countries and entities
  • Example project for all sub-basins within BiH, as well as the entire Western Balkans area


NATO SPS Programme Office accepted and approved final report for the project
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Deputy Commander of NATO Headquarters in Sarajevo Brigadier Ole Fauske visited Hydro-Engineering Institute of the Faculty of Civil Engineering Sarajevo
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Final workshop within the project “Development of a Decision Support System for Reducing Risk from Environment Pollution in the Bosna River"
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