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Dr Vukašin Balta
B.Sc. in Geology
Key qualifications: geology and hydrogeology
Senida Džajić-Rghei
M.Sc. in Civil Engineering
Key qualification: Flood risk management, flood protection, river training, hydraulic modelling, investigation, protection and management of water resources, planning and designs of water supply systems, sewage systems, waste water treatment plants, consulting in international and domestic projects , environmental impact assessments. Computer skills: GIS (collecting, archiving, integration, management, analysis and presentation of spatially related data), AutoCAD, HEC-Ras, WaterCAD, SewerCAD.
Admir Aladžuz
MSc in Ecology
Key qualifications: Floristic and faunistic analyses, environmental impact studies, Analysis of biological parameters in aquatic ecosystems, Environmental engineering and development management policies according to the basic principles of sustainable development, work with GIS software, quality management systems in the laboratory’s according to ISO 17025.
Vildana Goković
B.Sc. in Biology
Key qualifications: determination of biological parameters of water quality, aerobic and anaerobic water and wastewater/waste treatment; pollution prevention and reduction.
Namik Hadžimuratović
MA in Civil Engineering
Junior Researcher
Key qualifications: drinking water supply of the settlements and industry, hydrauic modelling of water supply systems, dimensioning of hydrotechnical objects, hydrodynamic modelling of the waterstreams, river hydrotechnics.
Mirza Mujčić
MA in Civil Engineering
Junior Researcher 
Key qualifications: Municipal and industrial water supply; Collection, transport and disposal of municipal and industrial wastewaters; Hydraulic research and dimensioning of hydro-engineering facilities; River hydro-engineering; Hydrology and statistical analysis.
Excellent computer skills: advanced usage of major operating systems (Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows 98), fully Microsoft Office computer literate (MS Office), professional usage of graphic design software (AutoCAD), specialized water engineering softwares (HecRAS) and software ''River Surveyour Live''.
Amila Rovčanin
MA in Civil Engineering
Junior Researcher
Key qualifications: Flood risk management (implementation of European Flood Risk Directive); development of hydrodynamic models for watercourses; hydraulic research; river training; hydrology and statistical analysis.
Computer skills: GIS (collecting, archiving, integration, management, analysis and presentation of spatially related data), Hec-Ras; AutoCad.
Dženis Sarajlić
MA in Civil Engineering
Junior Researcher
Key qualifications: Leading and organisation of hydraulic field measurements; NRW and water losses analysis; water balance calculations; hydraulic modelling of water supply systems and open channels; planning and designing of water supply systems and municipal and industrial wastewater systems; hydraulic researches and design of hydro-engineering objects; feasibility studies in irrigation.
Computer skills: AutoCAD; Bentley WaterCAD; ArcGIS; QuantumGIS; HEC-RAS.

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