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Final meeting on the EU MED project “Green Partnership – Local Partnerships for Greener Cities and Regions”

The last International Coordination Meeting of partners and Final conference of the EU MED project “GREEN PARTNERSHIPS” was held in Maribor from 19th to 21st of May 2015. Project GREEN PARTNERSHIPS took place from January 2013 to May 2015, as part of the 5th Calls on the EU Programme for the Mediterranean (MED) whose theme was "Innovation for renewable energy and energy efficiency." The project involved 12 partners from 11 countries. Lead partner was the Institute for Agriculture and Forestry Maribor. The partner from Bosnia and Herzegovina in the project was the Hydro Engineering Institute Sarajevo - HEIS and other partners are: Energy Agency of Podravje (Slovenia), Municipality Lakatamija (Cyprus), GERES - Group for the Environment and Renewable Energy (France), Technical University of Crete ( Greece), the Kyoto Club (Italy), AREANATejo - Regional Agency for Environment and Energy (Portugal), the City Council of Granollers (Spain), Faculty of Agriculture, University of Tirana (Albania), Institute of Spatial Planning of Koprivnica-Križevci County (Croatia) and the Institute for Strategic Studies and prognosis (Montenegro). The total project budget amounts to 1,976,060.00 euros, of which the value of the project in B&H amounted to 114,600.00 euros.

The final conference was attended by over 80 participants, mainly experts in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency. Participants in the meeting were addressed by the director of the Institute for Agriculture and Forestry Maribor, President of Slovenian agricultural and forestry chamber, the president of the Association of Towns and Municipalities of the Republic of Slovenia, representatives of the Slovenian ministries and Slovenian winner of the Nobel Peace Prize Mrs. Lučka Kajfež Bogataj, climatologist and expert in Biotechnology from Ljubljana. In addition, the importance of sustainable development was highlighted in the presentations of representatives of several European associations: Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI), the European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and Environment (FEDERANE) and Covenant of Mayors.

All partners had the opportunity to present the results of their activities within the project as part of the panel discussions, where the main topics were: energy efficiency in the public sphere, the contribution of local partnerships in the implementation of energy strategies and legal, technical and financial framework for overcoming barriers and finding optimal solutions. The most important results of the project in B&H were realized with the implementation of energy efficiency measures in three pilot facilities in the pilot area of the City of Sarajevo, the facilities of public administration and primary schools, i.e. the results that the project has achieved in Bosnia and Herzegovina when it comes to the area of ​​energy efficiency is that number of pilot cases with the applied measures of energy efficiency  have been increased and thus the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere have been reduced, as well as the capacity of public administration in the City of Sarajevo have been strengthened with participation in the round table and two workshops on energy efficiency in public lighting and housing, and of course the contribution of the preparation of the  draft of the Feasibility Study on the establishment of a revolving fund to support energy-efficient housing in B&H.

The last day of the visit to Slovenia, the partners participated in the study tour of best practices for use of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency in the Republic of Slovenia. A visit to the hydroelectric power plant "Fala" on the river Drava has been organized, as well as the visit to the installation for energy production on wood chips (biomass) in the Municipality of Lenart, and at the very end a visit to the an orchid nursery garden in Dobrovnik as an example of using geothermal water and biogas. 


Only 19% hydro-potential in B&H in use

Considering the great interest of public for the use of hydro potential of Una river, the town of Bihac in cooperation with Association "Man and natural resources" and the Hydro-Engineering Institute Sarajevo organized round table on "Hydro potential of Una river - Challenges the future ".

The moderator was Prof. Tarik Kupusović, director of the HEIS. The round table gathered representatives of the city and cantonal authorities and environmental and other non-governmental organizations from Bihac and B&H.

"It is evident that the Una’s hydro-potential is unused and that dialogue between all stakeholders must be opened. The fact that only 19 percent of the hydropower potential in B&H is currently in use tells us that we must adopt a strategy of how and in what way to take advantage of hydro-potential in BiH. This strategy will give answers to many questions, "said Mr. Kupusović.

Mayor of Bihać Mr. Emdžad Galijašević said that the city administration, guided by transparent and open work, wanted to open a debate on yet another issue that is of concern to citizens.

"These discussions are welcome and open the views on how best to exploit hydropower potential of the Una. No decision will be made without dialogue but we also do not want to the hostages to anything that is not in the interest of the majority of citizens of Bihac," he added.

According to him, it is necessary to analyze what we have today of the Una river when it comes to tourism and offer in the National Park (NP) Una, and what could be potential benefits of using its hydro potential.

"We will not opt for decision that is not supported by experts opinion and therefore we need dialogue and debate. We adopted a decision at the Council to start investigation works on river Unac. No one said that the hydropower plant will be build. These works will help us to find us whether the plant will harm the environment and the public will be informed”, said Galijašević.

As for the run-off-the-river hydro-power plants, he said that there is no hidden activities and everything related to this topic is the responsibility of the Commission for Concessions of the Una-Sana Canton (USC). He added that the hydro-power plants will be build if the majority of the public accepts this idea, otherwise the public will take responsibility to offer alternatives for other beneficial uses of Una river.

"If we do not build hydro-power plants, then the funders of Una National Park will have to allocate more funds for the development of tourism than they are allocating today," said the mayor Mr. Galijašević.

Representatives of environmental organizations and other NGOs in their discussions underlined that they do not support the construction of hydropower plants on the river Una, and added that the public do not known what are the benefits for town of Bihac as well as the outcomes of environmental study.

Presentation Prof. Tarik Kupusović can be downloaded from the following link:

Okrugli sto Bihac 7.5.2015.pdf

End of the SEE RIVER project – Main project result “Draft of joint vision of Neretva river corridor”

After Neretva International Stakeholder Workshop on 17th of September 2014 in Neum, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Joint Neretva River corridor vision has been updated and agreed between the key B&H and Croatia multi-sectoral stakeholders. This vision has been prepared for the presentation to the B&HState level Ministry in charge for water management and further to the members of B&H-Croatia Bilateral Commission for water management.

The final event regarding the B&H Neretva River Corridor pilot area happened in Konjic, B&H on 8th of October 2014. It was a National Capacity Building Seminar where the SEE RIVER project team from Slovenia and B&H presentedactivities done on project pilot areas as well as the list of the activities, ie. the Action plan.The plan will serve as the basis for preparation of future joint project proposals for integral cross-sectoral river corridor management for the period 2015-2020.

The main result of the project can be viewed at the following links:





Participation at ERRC Conference in Vienna within SEE RIVER project

Europe River Restoration Conference (ERRC Conference) in Vienna from 27th to 30th of October 2014 was the great experience for B&H project team and for HEIS especially as project partner.
HEIS prepared three abstracts for presentation and discussion at the ERRC Conference in line with the SEE RIVER process activities as well as research done within previous projects in relation to ecosystem services and environmental flow assessment on Neretva river basin pilot areas. HEIS project team had very successful experience with the participation at the ERRC Conference and also met different international donor organizations which can be interested in the future for some joint projects in the field of the river restoration, such as Global Nature Fund which representative was delightful with the level of the work done on Neretva pilot area considering difficulties encountered in the process work with regard to different administrative levels of authorities within B&H.


Meeting of DRINKADRIA project consortium held in Sarajevo

The meeting of partners in the project Networking for Safe Water Supply in the Adriatic Region - DRINKADRIA financed through IPA ADRIATIC CBC PROGRAMME 2007-2013 was held between 10-13.03.2015 Hotel Bosnia in Sarajevo.

The meeting was opened by the organizer and host Prof. Tarik Kupusović, director of  HEIS. The meeting was attended by representatives of 17 institutions from 8 countries of the Adriatic region (Italy, Slovenia, Croatian, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Albania and Greece). Different profile of experts were discussing cross-cutting issues in the water supply in the cross-border areas among who were the experts in the fields of hydrology, hydraulic engineering, geology, chemistry, biology, and social science.

During the meetings, the partners presented the results of activities carried out in the past two years and plans for the future. The focus of the project is to develop strategies and procedures for the safe transboundary water management, and the management of water resources in cross-border areas, taking into account the applicable statutory legislation of countries and economic aspects of water management. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Agency for Watershed of ​​the Adriatic Sea from Mostar.

The study visit was organized to Spring of Vrelo Bosne and water intake structure Bačevo, the main drinking water sources from the Sarajevo field. Guests from partner institutions visited filter plant for the purification of raw water from river Bosna. Visitors were curious about water supply system of city of Sarajevo and in particular about the problems PUC "Water and Sewage" faces related to facilities management. On behalf of PUC "Water and sanitation" Mr. Amel Salihagić B.Sc. in Chemistry, head of sanitary protection and control of water, was available for all question.

Partners were extremely satisfied with the results of the project, and concrete activities that will be implemented by research institutions, relevant institutions and water supply companies in the coming period are agreed. 



Scientific and technical cooperation agreement between SSST and HEIS

The rector of the University SSST, Academician Ejup Ganić, and the director of the Hydrotechnical Institute, Professor Tarik Kupusović, have signed a four-year Scientific and Technical Cooperation Agreement at the premises of the University SSST today.

The purpose of the Agreement is to create joint projects in the field of energy and water supply, to integrate institutional, material and human resources in creating joint projects as well as to involve lecturers and scientists in various forms of scientific, technical, educational and business cooperation.

SARAJEVO, 23. february (FENA)


Group of 25 graduate students from the Uolu University visited the Hydro Engineering Institute

Group of 25 graduate students from the Uolu University of Applied Sciences, Finland, visited the Hydro Engineering Institute on  2 – 3 February 2015. Ten senior lead researchers and other researchers held several presentations to the students within the course Water and Environmental Management (agenda attached). This was followed by a study visit to the abandoned mines in Vareš.

Agenda you can see here: Postgraduate course in Water and Environmental Management for the students of Oulu University od Applied Sciences - Finland.pdf





Two strategic documents for Middle Bosnia Canton finalised

A round table within the project "Development of Environmental Protection and Waste Management Plan for Middle Bosnia canton 2015-2025"  was held in Municipality Vitez on Monday, 15/12/2014.

The purpose of this meeting was to present the Action Plan and review the report on the state of the environment / waste management problems.

Action Plan and reports on the state of the environment / waste management are made public through the website of the Middle Bosnia Canton. All comments and suggestions should be submitted to the Cantonal Ministry of the Environment not later than 15 days from the official publication on the web site.

Upon completion of the public disclosure process, both documents will be updated in accordance with the received comments and suggestions, and submitted to the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction, Environmental Protection, Return and Housing of Middle Bosnia Canton.



Workshop on energy efficiency in public buildings

Within the Project MED Green Partnerships - Local Partnerships for greener cities and regions, was held a workshop on energy efficiency in public buildings. Workshop was implemented in the premissess of Hydro Engineering Institute in Sarajevo on December 2nd 2014 at 10 oclock.

Workshops main goal was capacity building of the public administration for planning local energy strategies and analysis of the possibilities and ways for financing of projects in public building sector.

Workshop attended representatives of the City of Sarajevo, public administration of the munciipalities and Canton, as well as representatives of the public and private sector and NGOs.

Experts from the relevant field held a presentations about level of implementation of SEAP of City of Sarajevo, presented EMIS (Infosmation system for energy management) and sucessefully implemented projects from MED region.


Workshop on energy efficient public lighting

Within the Project MED Green Partnerships - Local Partnerships for greener cities and regions, was held a workshop on energy efficient public lighting. Workshop was implemented in the premissess of Hydro Engineering Institute in Sarajevo on December 1st 2014 at 10 oclock.

Workshops main goal was capacity building of the public administration through the presentation of the best practices and possibilities for using new technologies and achievements in the field of public ligting.

Workshop attended representatives of the City of Sarajevo, public administration of the municipalities and Canton, as well as representatives of the public and private sector in the field of public lighting, and NGOs.

Experts from the relevant field held a presentations about maintenance of the public lighting in Canton Sarajevo, best practices, possibilities and sources of financing of these projects, new technologies and sucessefully implemented projects from MED region.


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