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Training for the effective management of protected areas

The first training within the project "Capacity Building Program for public institutions for protected areas", was held on 6th and 7th of April 2016 in the premises of Hotel "Grand" in Sarajevo. The theme of the training was "The principles and requirements for the preservation of biodiversity contained in Habitat Directive, Bird Directive, as well as the Nature Protection Act of Federation of B&H. " The training was attended by representatives of protected areas in the Federation of B&H, among others: NP Una, Cantonal Public Institution for protected natural areas of Sarajevo Canton (Nature Monument Vrelo Bosne, Nature Monument Waterfall Skakavac, Protected Landscape Bijambare, Protected Landscape Trebević), Nature Park Hutovo blato , Nature Monument Tajan and Nature Monument Prokoško Lake, as well as representatives of relevant ministries.

This project is funded by the Environmental Protection Fund of FBiH and implemented by Hydro-Engineering Institute Ltd. Sarajevo. The project will be implemented by the end of November 2016, but this is the first in a series of six trainings in areas that are of importance for the effective management of protected areas. The project is co-funded by Cantonal Public Institution for Protected Nature Areas of Sarajevo Canton.

Development of Flood and Landslide Risk Assessment for Housing Sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hydro-Engineering Institute Sarajevo (HEIS) implemented a project financed by UNDP called: “Development of Flood and Landslide Risk Assessment for Housing Sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina”. The project started in March 2015 and ended in July 2015.

The objectives resulting from the adopted methodology within this project were completely in line with the IPPC and INSPIRE Directives of the EU, which was applied to the whole BiH in order to produce a comprehensive assessment of the risks to the housing sector associated with the occurrence of flood and landslide events. Accordingly, the specific project objectives were the following:

  •  Developing a Flood / Landslide Risk Assessment for Housing sector in BiH;
  •  Developing a Multi-Hazards (Flood / Landslide) Risk Assessment for the Housing sector in BiH;
  •  Preparing a set of recommendations to reduce Flood and Landslide Risk for the Housing areas;
  •  Launching an information system, providing a web application which presents all the resulted maps (http://eufloodsrecoveryhra.com).

The Multi-Hazards (Flood / Landslide) Risk Assessment provided two pilot areas to be analyzed in details during the second phase.

Completion of the project „Development of the Waste Management Plan for the Novo Sarajevo Municipality“

On the occasion of the completion of project "Development of the Waste Management Plan for the Novo Sarajevo Municipality" a meeting was held in the hall of the Municipal Council on 23rd December 2015. The aim of the meeting was the presentation of the Municipal Waste Management Plan for the period 2016-2021, whose development was planned by Integrated Development Strategy of the Novo Sarajevo Municipality. Municipal Waste Management Plan defines the conditions for the establishment of sustainable integrated waste management system and contributes to achieving the strategic objectives of the Federal Environmental Protection Strategy. Those objectives are reduction of risks to the environment and human health, and the establishment of priority infrastructure for integrated waste management.

The realization of this Project was financed by the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and Environmental Protection of Sarajevo Canton and the Municipality of Novo Sarajevo, and co-financed and implemented by the Hydro-Engineering Institute Sarajevo and Novo Sarajevo Municipality.

New project on capacity building of protected area managers
In November 2015 HES started with implementation of new project oentitled "The capacity building programme for public institutions for management of protected areas".
The aim of the project is to strengthen the capacity of public institutions for management of protected areas for better and more effective protection of biodiversity in FBiH. The project activities are focused on organisation of six different trainings treating subjects that are of importance for the management of protected areas, as follows:
  1. The principles and requirements for the preservation of biodiversity contained in the Habitats Directive, the Birds Directive, the Nature Protection Act
  2. Planning the management of protected areas
  3. The use of GIS in the management areas
  4. Biodiversity monitoring
  5. Financial management in protected areas
  6. Communication and media promotion of biological and geological heritage
Trainings are designed to combine learning through lectures and practical work in the classroom and in the workplace, based on andragogical methods of adult education.

The following institutions expressed their interest for participation:

  • Publi institution „National park Una“
  • Public institutions for protected natural areas of Canton Sarajevo
  • Ministry of physical planning, construction and environemntal protection of Canton Sarajevo
  • PubliciInstitution „Forestry management area of Zenica Doboj Canton d.o.o. Zavidovići“
  • Public institution „Park of nature Hutovo blato“
  • Public institution Protected landscape „Konjuh“, Kladanj
  • Ministry of physical planning, construction, environemntal protection, return and housing affairs Middle Bosnia Canton
  • Ministry of physical planning, construction and environmental protection West Herzegovina Canton
  • Park of nature Blidinje
  • Municipality Fojnica
  • Ministry of physical planning and environemntal protection of Tuzla Canton
The project will be implemented in the period November 2015-November 2016. The project is financially supported by Environmental Protection Fund FBiH, and carried out in cooperation with the Public Institution Protected Natural Areas of Sarajevo Canton.
Summary report of Researchers Night 2015

For a third year in a row HEIS with partners TIDEA Banja Luka and Oxfam B&H organized European Researcher's Night 2015 in B&H, cities of Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Mostar and Bijeljina. Following the link you can review summary report of the achievement of this years manifestation.


Summary report


Seminar on Industrial wastewaters

We invite all interested parties to apply for participation in seminar INDUSTRIAL WASTEWATERS - compliance with the Law (monitoring, EBS, technical documentation, discharge, treatment() organised by Chamber of Commerce opf Canton Sarajevo in cooperation with Hydro-Engineering Institute Sarajevo 

The Seminar will be held on 12-13. November at 09.30 hr in the Chamber of Commerce's premises.

The goal of the seminar is to introduce industries with the concepts necessart for understanding of wastewater generation, legal requirements for wastewater quality monitoring and pollution load determination, possibilities to used and understand wastewater quality analysis, legal requirements and necessary project documentation  including wastewater treatment for different types of industries. 

The target participants are those coming form the industry that generate wastewaters discharged into surface waters or sewage system. The seminar is directed to persons responsible for complaince control in the filed of wastewater including those responsible for contacts and work with inspectors, consultants, laboratories for wastewater monitoring, etc.

The topics of the seminar and application form are given here (local langugae only).

HEIS, one step before others

Although Bosnia and Herzegovina has exit to Adriatic sea, unfortunatelly it does not have education and scientific institutions that work on research and protection of the sea. Nevertheless, this movie tells a story about experts from our country, HEIS experts, that gave great contribution to regional project od Adriatic sea protection side by side with countries that have significantly longer coastal zone such as Italy, Greece, Croatia. 
For more information about problems of Adriatic sea litter and DeFishGear project please viisti www.defishgear.net.


The Award for Best Environmental Project at the 9th Jahorina Film Festival 2015

On Friday,28th August 2015, Hydro-Engineering Institute Sarajevo was awarded the "Golden Maple" for best environmental project in 2015. Our project "The Cantonal Waste Management Plan for the Period 2015-2025" for the area of Central Bosnia Canton, was selected as one of the top five environmental projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina at the 9th Jahorina Film Festival (International Festival of Documentary Movies, Tourism and Ecology). The main financiers of the project were the Environmental Fund of the FB&H and Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction, Environmental Protection, Return and Housing of Central Bosnia Canton. The Institute also co-financed the project. 12 experts from the Institute are the authors of this important strategic document.

More information about this event can be found at:


http://www.jahorinafest.org/ and


Certificate on compliance with BAS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2006 Standard

The Testing Laboratory of the Hydro-Engineering Institute JSC Sarajevo has obtained additional acknowledgment for its expertise, competence and validity of the analytic results through provision of the Certificate of Accreditation . Through this Certificate, the compliance of the Testing Laboratory with the requirements of BAS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2006 Standard for competence to carry-out physical-chemical testing of water and soil and biological testing of water has been confirmed.

Besides competency in procurement of laboratory analysis and surveys, compliance of the Testing Laboratory of the Hydro-Engineering Institute JSC Sarajevo to highly demanding conditions related to organization, authorization, nomination of the key personnel and work in accordance to the needs of the client, have also been confirmed through this Standard. Professionalism and quality of work, which result from application of this Standard ensure constant progress of the Laboratory, high service quality, as well as the possibility to comply to the needs of the most demanding clients.

Executive director of the National Meteorological Institute of Romania visited HEIS

Dr. Gheorghe Stancalie, executive director of the National Meteorological Institute of Romania visited Hydro-Engineering Institute on Friday, June 5, 2015.

The purpose of his visit was the evaluation of the implementation of the project "Development of decision support systems to reduce the risk of environmental pollution of the river Bosna" (NATO SfP project 984073) from scientific and technical standpoint. This visit comes after the successful implementation of the project and official approval of the final report in March 2015 by the Office of the NATO Science for Peace (Science for Peace Programme).

At the beginning of the visit, director of the Institute prof. Dr. Tarik Kupusović presented 60-year activities of the Institute, followed by presentation of activities and achievements of the project given by laboratory management staff, Dr Simone Milanolo, Mr. Melina Džajić – Valjevac, and Melisa Džonlić.

Mr. Stancalie visited  HEIS’s premises and laboratories, where he was introduced to new methods for sampling and analysis of priority substances that were mastered by laboratory staff in the framework of the NATO project.

Acknowledging the long experience of Mr. Stanciu in the field of flood monitoring using advanced Earth Observation techniques, Mr. Dalila Jabučar presented HEIS’s activities regarding the management of flood risks on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The visit was completed by field visit to Spring Vrelo Bosne, where monitoring station was set up during the project as a reference point to determine baseline water quality of the river Bosnia.

Dr. Stencil was extremely pleased with the presented results, advising HEIS staff to replicate lessons learned to other river sub-basins in B&H.



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