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About us

Hydro-Engineering Institute Sarajevo is independent, market oriented, consulting, designing, scientific and research organization.

Our activities encompass science and research work, education, planning, consulting as well as revision of investment and technical documents from the fields of water and environment.

We have independent, market oriented Laboratory for Water Quality Research as well as Team for Detection and Measurement of Water Losses in water supply systems.

Our Laboratory is fully equipped to efficiently and precisely do the analysis of water and wastewater quality as well as solid waste and sludge in accordance with relevant regulation and standards.

Out Team for detection and measurement of losses is equipped to detect losses in all types of water supply systems. In last 5 years our team detected and prevented loss of more than 40.000 m3/d of water, which corresponds to daily demand of a city with 200.000 inhabitants.

Both Institute and its Laboratory are currently in process of certification in accordance with standard EN ISO 9001 and BAS EN ISO 17025, respectively.


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Development of Study for Reduction of Non-Revenue Water in the Sarajevo Canton
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First workshop within the preparation of the Cantonal Plan of Environmental Protection for the Sarajevo Canton for the period 2016 – 2021 (KEAP)
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