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Special services

  • specialist researches in karst: hydrology, hydrogeology, speleology;
  • special hydraulic measurements in water supply systems: measurements of water hammer, testing of line resistances, etc;
  • hydraulic model testing for hydro power plants design: testing of dams, surge tanks, spillways, tunnels, streams, stilling basins, fast-water-way, bottom outlets, line resistances etc;
  • special testing of hydro power plants: measurements of water hammer, filtration measurements and analysis;
  • hydraulic model testing for watercourse training design: mouth river testing;
  • development of special equipment for hydraulic measurements;
  • field measurements of hydrodynamic and hydro-geological parameters of the groundwater aquifer;
  • limnlogical researches of lakes and reservoirs;
  • laboratory tightness testing of pipes and other materials;
  • quality testing of drinking water and wastewater;
  • field and laboratory pilot research of potable water and wastewater treatment technology.


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