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1. Hydro-energy industry

  • hydrologic and other research works for hydro-power plant design;
  • development of hydro-power plant studies;
  • development of sediment regime studies and forecasting of reservoirs backfilling;
  • development of project documentation for large and small hydro power plant, conceptual design, preliminary designs, detailed designs and as-built designs;
  • preparation of mathematical and physical models of hydro-power plant;
  • preparation of studies and designs of reservoirs;

2. Thermal power plants and other energy facilities

  • hydrologic and other research works for thermal power plant and other energy facilities design;
  • preparation of project documentation for water supply and sewage systems: preliminary designs, detailed designs;
  • special measurements in order of determination balance of technological water and wastewater.


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Development of Study for Reduction of Non-Revenue Water in the Sarajevo Canton
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First workshop within the preparation of the Cantonal Plan of Environmental Protection for the Sarajevo Canton for the period 2016 – 2021 (KEAP)
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