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  • environmental impact assessment;
  • studies required in environmental permitting procedure;
  • environmental due diligence;
  • strategic environmental assessment;
  • integrated pollution prevention and control;
  • studies, plans and strategies in environmental management;
  • studies, plans and strategies in natural resources management;
  • studies, plans and strategies in protection of natural resources;
  • studies, plans and strategies in integrated solid waste management;
  • project of closure and transformation of dump sites into sanitary landfills;
  • research, siting and design of sanitary landfills;
  • studies and programs of institutional, legal and environmental aspects of environmental management;
  • studies and programs of human capacities building and human resources management in water and environment sector;
  • sevelopment of water and environment legislation.


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Development of Study for Reduction of Non-Revenue Water in the Sarajevo Canton
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First workshop within the preparation of the Cantonal Plan of Environmental Protection for the Sarajevo Canton for the period 2016 – 2021 (KEAP)
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