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The National Workshop within the SEE River Project

Common Vision for the Neretva River

On 7 June 2013, the first workshop with stakeholders along the Neretva River corridor in Bosnia and Herzegovina was held in Mostar. River corridor is a section of water course with the greatest concentration of different pressures. During the workshop, participants were presented with the SEE RIVER project, as well as the concept experience regarding sustainable cross-sectoral management for the Drava River. The workshop objective was to establish cross-sectoral stakeholder network. These stakeholders are going to participate and provide their comment on the draft document of objectives for the purpose of creating common vision for the Neretva River area, directed towards sustainable water management.

As a basis for creating common vision of stakeholders, the draft document of objectives of common approach to water management, flood prevention, hydro energetic use and nature protection and the biodiversity preservation for the Neretva River has been prepared in accordance with the relevant EU directives in this field. One of the objectives emphasizes tendency for the Neretva River to be an example of a successful integral implementation of the EU policies on water management and flood prevention, renewable energy sources and sustainable use of hydro energy, environment protection and biodiversity preservation on the Neretva River as a cross-border river corridor.

Water Framework Directive, Directive on Flood Risk Management, Directive on Biodiversity Preservation and Directive on Habitats present a basis for the Neretva River corridor management. Since Bosnia and Herzegovina has confirmed its commitment to the process of becoming the EU member, governments in BiH should aspire for complete and harmonized implementation of the above-mentioned directives. As a result, these governments would be able to manage natural resources of the cross-border Neretva River basin in accordance with basic principles regulated by these directives.


More about the SEE River Project:

Prvi nacrt vizije za Neretvu.doc



Project SEE River: The Third Steering Committee Meeting

Hydro-Engineering Institute Sarajevo (HEIS) was a host to the 3rd Quality Management Board Meeting and the 2nd Toolkit Evaluation Workshop for the project partners within the project SEE RIVER – Sustainable Integrated Management of International River Corridors in SEE Countries. These events were held on the 11th and 12th of March 2014 in Hotel Saraj in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The meeting and the workshop were followed by the 6th Study Visit on the 13th of March 2014 with the purpose to visit different locations along the Neretva River.

Hydro-Engineering Institute in Sarajevo (HEIS) is one of 26 project partners from 11 countries within Transnational Cooperation Program for SEE. SEE River project started in October 2012 and will last 24 months. The project is co-financed by ERDF and IPA funds.

The main project objective is to establish and strengthen the multi-sectoral network of stakeholders sharing the international river corridor territory in order to gain knowledge on planning and implementing processes for integration of existing sectoral policies, plans and programs in order to reach consensus on integrative management of international river corridors, taking into account both the development and the conservation interest.

This meeting of all project partners’ representatives served for regular update of the current and future project activities, with the accent on the review of the activities in relation to the Toolkit preparation and pilot activities of Drava River as well as for other 5 international river corridors for the rivers of Bodrog, Prut, Soča, Neretva and Vjosa. Key challenges have been discussed, as well as final outputs of the pilot activities and approach to the identification of follow up projects and their integration into the Pilot Action Plans.

The Study visit included visits to several places along the Neretva River:

·         Konjic where the expert associate of the branch office of the Agency for Water Area of the Adriatic Sea, Mr. Edin Kraljušić, explained shortly current and future activities of this office on pollution reduction in this area,

·         Jablanica where the participants could see the oldest and the largest HPP on the Neretva River with the reservoir lake of 30 km max. length as well as some historic sites from the Second World War (the Bridge on the Neretva River),

·         Mostar– the Old Bridge and its old town included in the List of the Cultural Heritage Sites protected by UNESCO,

·         the Buna River water source in Blagaj, one of the strongest and most beautiful karst water source in Europe with the capacity of 43 m3/sec., and finally

·         Nature Park Hutovo Blato with area of 7,411 ha included in the list of the internationally important bird areas and the list of the Ramsar Internationally Important Wetland Areas, this site being one of the largest bird wintering grounds in Europe in their migration seasons.



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