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IPA Drinkadria

Networking for Drinking Water Supply in Adriatic Region – DRINKADRIA

(IPA Adriatic Cross-Border Cooperation 2007 – 2013)

Drink Adria project has an objective to improve procedures and protocols for safe water supply in cross border areas, simultaneously taking into consideration management and protection of water resources in the cross-border context.

The project specifically deals with the cross border strategies and measures for drinking water resources management taking into consideration climate changes and the necessity for connecting and networking water supply systems between the neighbouring countries. Problems covered by the project implementation are the following: aging infrastructure, excessive losses in the water supply systems, climate changes, larger water demand due to tourism development, large seasonal variations in water demand, pressures on water resources, and the lack of adequate legal framework for regulating and controlling the management of cross-border water resources and water supply systems, resulting in potential conflicts between neighbouring countries regarding negotiations on water supply issues. 

Within the project, it is planned to create an internal website for data exchange between project partners and a public website for publishing important information about the project and results of the project activities, as well as disseminating these information.

The project is co-financed by the funds of the European Union via the IPA Adriatic Cross-Border Cooperation Programme 2007 – 2013. The implementation of Drink Adria started in November 2013 and will last for 29 months. Total budget amounts to 6,600,000 EUR.

Partner institutions from the following Adriatic countries are involved in the project: Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Albania and Greece.

In order to prepare strategies and procedures for safe cross-border water supply through the cross-border water resources management, climate changes and specific socioeconomic context of the Adriatic Region will be taken into account. Within the project, substantial funds will be invested into the improvement of water supply system (system monitoring, water loss reduction, system rehabilitation or partial construction).     

The project lead partner, i.e. Lead Beneficiary, is Consulta d’Ambito per il Servizio idrico Integrato Orientale Triestino / Area Council for Eastern Integrated Water Service of Trieste (CATO) from Trieste, Italy.

Final beneficiaries from Bosnia and Herzegovina are the following institutions:

  • Hydro Engineering Institute of the Faculty of Civil Engineering Sarajevo (HEIS),
  • Public Company “Utility” Neum, and
  • Associate partner from BiH: Agency for Watershed of the Adriatic Sea Mostar. 

Implementation of the Drink Adria project is expected to make contribution to the improvement of water supply and life in the entire Adriatic Region.

Hydro Engineering Institute Sarajevo is involved in all segments of the Drinka Adria project, whereas particular contribution will be made to the following: 

  1. Management of cross-border water resources – focus on cross-border water bodies (surface water and groundwater) including development of common cross-border strategy and measures for water resources management;
  2. Management of cross-border water supply systems – development and implementation of the common good practices codex and measures for cross-border water supply system (SLO – ITA, SLO – CRO, CRO – BiH, MNE – ALB). 

First National Workshop within the project “Networking for Drinking Water Supply in Adriatic Region” – DRINKADRIA

First National Workshop within the project “Networking for Drinking Water Supply in AdriaticRegion” (IPA Adriatic Cross-Border Cooperation Programme 2007 – 2013) was organized on Friday, 06-06-2014, at 11 o’clock, in Hotel Sunce Neum, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The workshop was organized in cooperation between the Hydro Engineering Institute Sarajevo (HEIS) and PC “Utility” Neum.   

First National Workshop is one the workshops organized in all project partner countries. The workshop objective was to introduce stakeholders to the project, implemented and planned project activities. It also served as an invitation to the stakeholders to get involved in the project regarding mutual exchange of experience about the management of cross-border water resources and cross-border water supply systems, and apply the project results in their future activities.     

The workshop participants included representatives of all relevant stakeholders in BiH from water sector at all government levels, as well as representatives of water utility companies from the cross-border municipalities between BiH and the Republic of Croatia.   

The workshop officially started with a presentation on including one water utility company from BiH into the IPA programme. Afterwards, implemented and planned project activities were presented to the participants, as well as contemporary issues in BiH in relation to the cross-border management of water supply systems and water resources. Final presentation dealt with the understanding of losses in water supply systems, including summary of the state of water losses in the Adriatic Region and pilot area Neum.   

After the presentations, the project team organized field visit to the leak detection team involved in the detection of losses and leakages in the Neum water supply system.



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